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Put - Connect - Switch - GO!

It has to be that easy! And with bedeko Fe it is.


New bedeko Fe PELI® mobile available now!

This is a bedeko Fe installed in a PELI® trolley case.
Battery pack for up to 8h operation in PELI
® trolley case.


bedeko Fe – as a mobile system shown here: Handle on top, rubber feet on bottom and back, ready for two sequentially sampled sampling points as a bedeko Fe2 (option).


As a standard bedeko Fe is intended to be installed to a wall or rack.


Left is shown the On/Off switch (but typical operation mode is 24/7), power in, (24 V DC from external power supply), USB-connector (IP67; possible when connected, too).


Different type of electrical cabinet is available (coated steel, fiber reinforced plastic) and allow for protected operation in unfavourable environment, too. No vent for air cooling allows operation in dusty atmosphere (e.g., close to fly ash filling station), too.


bedeko Fe automatically cleans its measurement cell. For the needed cleaning fluid a storage cabinet of same design as the available GRP housing for the bedeko Fe is offered. A big front window allows easy inspection to check the fluid level.


Many thermal power plants of different type already make use of this continuous iron concentration monitoring method. Permanent documentation of iron concentration helps to identify problems, quick reaction quickens start-up process when renewable energy from wind turbine or solar power drop and need to be substituted to keep the network running.



Benefits of bedeko Fe:


- quick & reliable in permanent as well as for mobile temporary use

- Put – connect – switch. GO! If needed fine-tuning is possible.

- really low maintenance; real 24/7 operation

- no chemicals needed to do the measurement (just some diluted hydrochlocic acid is used for timed and automated cleaning of the measurement cell)

- lower detection limit than typical chemical analysis (< 1 µg Fe/l)

- 4 – 20 mA-output; easy to connect to control room (USB or Ethernet are possible, too)

- general alarm and service request as electrical alarms to control room

- display for actual measured value as well as graph for last hours or days

- affordable cost (and typically quick ROI)

- no extra sample point needed; installation to existing sample point for hand sampling reduces needs for changes when installed to an existing unit

- all measurements done under real conditions in a running unit (e.g., efficiency check for a condensate polisher or filter system during commissioning or after changes were made)

Your benefit:


As owner:
- knowing about actual corrosion rate reduces risk of sudden expensive damage

- lower load of iron possible therefore lower risk for the turbine


- lower input of Fe into steam generator by dense monitoring of Fe content of feed water

- preventive maintenance and less risk of sudden defect (e.g., erosion corrosion)

- shorter start-up procedure saves fuel, reduces carbon footprint

- optimizing operation

- optimized conditioning by situation, not only by predefined pH or O2-concentration


- useful when running OT to find perfect oxygen concentration


- optimization of conditioning in case of copper based alloys


- blowdown and degassing as needed and not preset, therefore less loss of energy and less need for demineralized water

- erosion corrosion can be detected and operation optimized to reduce corrosion effects

- in case of a fault saved data allow reconstruction of changes in iron concentration so that in future such situation can be detected early and operation mode therefore can be changed forehanded


- by direct visualization of concentration changes as a result of measures during commissioning this period can be shortened and fuel saved



Turn-key supplier and turbine manufacturer
- shorter commissioning process (as a result from more quick detection and removal of debris left from welding and grinding, reducing effects coming from contaminated sampling tubes, - and a lot of other effects)

- quick detection and localization of ingress of air (in vaccum zone, e.g. at fittings)

- reduced damage to the turbine during first starts as a result of permanently monitored steam quality

- monitoring of condensate polishing / filtration


- quasi immediate feed-back on any switching operation

- corrosion seen directly by amount of corrosion products

- optimization of steam and feed-water quality by made possible feedback-driven changes to settings or operation mode


Insurance companies
- less damage to turbine or boiler caused by corrosion process or corrosion products

- reduced number of stand still caused by erosion corrosion


- documented quality for steam or any monitored position in water-steam cycle at high frequency and 24/7

- monitored operation with superior steam quality than requested by VGB R 405L operational values (see VBG PowerTech 10/2008, page 40)

In sum this results in paying less for loss-of-use.


Owner of heating networks
- quasi immediate feedback on running corrosion process, therefore prompt countermeasures are made possible

- monitoring of filter units

- dosage of base on demand and not pH only


bedeko Fe operation principle as patented (EP1857802) is useful for many different sampling points in a thermal power plant unit and allows monitoring of very different concentrations of samples. Especially the low detection limit 0.1 µg Fe/L when running HAVT or OT is to be mentioned. Therefore feed water quality after polisher, boiler water, steam condensates (and intermediate re-heater condensate) can be monitored and even little changes in quality are detected. Measurement takes 1 minute which means that distance from (real) sampling point to bedeko Fe device has much more influence on response time. Low detection limit and quick response are in combination the best possible source of information for adaequate operation by the control room personnel.

When summarizing the measured data a balancing of Fe freight in the water-steam cycle is possible in many cases. This is a real combination of quick-test and long-term filter sample. This was found during many long-term installations to be a windfall profit of using such instrument.

The new bedeko Fe permanently displays what is going on in water-steam-cycle, updated every minute.


All challenge coming from energy revolution as it started 2011 in Germany result in never so planned high wear and high number of load changes in thermal power plants.


bedeko Fe may be an answer to react on caused additional corrosion because of high frequency of corrosion monitoring.


Continuous monitoring helps to avoid any gap that as a standard results from hand sampling for standard chemical analysis. It does not matter if it is Sunday, late afternoon, or 15 hours of permanent high work load. bedeko Fe does not need to go to sleep. Automated cleaning is installed to keep it running as long as possible without maintenance. No overtime premium or reduced perfection after a long and hard day. Working reliable and constant to support those who are in charge.



Some references:


If you want to know where bedeko products are used already since a long time, please just follow the links shown here. You directly will be guided to the home page of the power plants mentioned:


RheinEnergie AG, CCGT CHP Köln-Niehl II  (2007/2008)

(sorry, link not available at the moment)


EnBW Kernkraft GmbH, NPP Neckarwestheim GKN 2  (2009)


EDF Electricité de France, NPP Cattenom 3/4  (2013)


EnBW Kraftwerke AG, CHP Heilbronn  (2013)


EnBW Kraftwerke AG, CHP RDK 8  (2013)


(Beginning in 2013 the new bedeko Fe was installed. All years before it was its predecessor model (and they are still in use) which used the same method, but different electronics to do the measurement. Sensor is of same type all the time.)


A big span of age, type, temperature range, mode of operation.


But always – the same method used for monitoring iron concentration. bedeko Fe.


And always the same procedure: Put - Connect - Switch - GO!


Now in Asia this method is introduced, too:

bedeko has its representative: E&C Technology Co., Ltd., located in Seoul (Republik of Korea). They are experienced suppliers for monitoring device and laboratory equipment for thermal power plants and well-trained to support our customers in selecting the right system needed for their needs and give perfect after-sales service.


In case you are located in the north of Europe, up to Arctic circle, bedeko can give you experienced support there as well with a local partner. Sales and after-sales service, including consultancy how to do things right – it is not a problem.

Please, just get in contact with bedeko.


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